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Staying Safe While Road Cycling

As the springtime is finally arriving, more cyclists and bike riders will be hitting the roads. It is imperative that drivers and road cyclists know how to stay safe on the roads. It is common for cyclists to collide with motorists as a result of not being aware of surroundings, but what most motorists do not know is that it is against the law in Georgia to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk (GA Law 40-6-144). Moreover, there are numerous ways to stay safe while riding your bike. Keep reading to learn five tips for cycling on the roads.


1.     Wear Reflective or Bright Clothing


Wearing reflective gear while riding a bike on the road is key to avoiding getting hit. Pair your reflective gear with a blinking light on your bike or helmet, and you are all set! Having neon clothing and blinking lights on the front and back of your bike will help more motorists see you on the road.


2.     Use Your Hands to Signal A Turn


If you are going to make a turn, you need to signal your turns to drivers and other cyclists (if you are riding with others or encounter another on the road). Not only will this increase your visibility, but drivers behind you can prepare to slow down in order to prevent collision.


3.     Always Scan


This goes for driving and cycling. Scanning the road is key to being aware of your surroundings. Whether you are driving a car or riding a bike, you need to be scanning all sides of the road. One of the most common collisions between a bike and a car is called the “right hook.” The “right hook” is when a car tries to pass a cyclist, decides to slow down to turn right, and collides with the cyclist. Scanning every intersection, cars behind you, in front of you, and all road hazards is vital to safely riding a bicycle on the main road.


4.     Don’t Drive into the Sun


If you ride your bike facing the sun, you are more susceptible to being invisible to drivers. When drivers are driving into the sunset or sunrise, they are typically distracted by the sun. An easy way to prevent colliding with a driver at these times of day is to ride your bike away from the sun.


5.     Respect Road Rules


Just because you are on a bicycle does not mean you are able to ride wherever and whenever you want. You need to make sure you are following the same rules on a bike as you would in a car.


Because the weather is warming up, it is crucial that you are aware of these five safety tips if you are going to be riding a bicycle on the main road, especially in Atlanta. If you are injured or have been injured in a cyclist-motorist collision, contact us today at 1-844-428-4529, and we will give you the representation you deserve.