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Experienced Bus and Van Accident & Injury Lawyers in Atlanta

School Bus

Protecting Victims in Atlanta, Georgia

Bus and van accidents can result in severe injuries or fatalities. Secure the best personal injury representation with Haug Barron Law Group.

The Aftermath of a Bus or Van Accident

In the chaotic aftermath of a bus or van accident, victims may suffer from spinal cord or brain damage. Haug Barron Law Group’s injury attorneys will help ensure the negligent party is held liable for damages.

Product Defects as a Factor in Bus or Van Accidents

Bus drivers are not always at fault for accidents; product liability issues, such as tire problems, failed brakes, or instability leading to rollovers, can be the root cause.

Thorough Investigation by Haug Barron Law Group

Our law firm has a vast network of experts in fields related to bus and van accidents. We’ll conduct a comprehensive investigation, including inspecting the vehicle and examining the accident site, to uncover the true and factual details.

Contact Our Bus and Van Accident Experts for Help and Information

Whether you need assistance with a bus or van accident case or simply want more information, reach out to Haug Barron Law Group. We’re here to help. Call 844-428-4259 or contact us online for a consultation.