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Back to School Safety


As we all know, the school year looks different for everyone these days. Some students are physically back in school, and some students are completely virtual until further notice. No matter what your children’s school year looks like this year, it is imperative to be safe, even at home. Keep reading to learn three of our biggest tips for staying safe during back-to-school.

  1. Remember School Zones

Ah, the dreaded school zone. We often hear about accidents that happen in school zones because drivers in a rush get into a fender bender for trying to zoom through the school zone. Well, this is never the right thing to do. Speeding will not get you there faster, but it will put lives in danger. It is better to follow traffic rules rather than risk getting in an accident and the other driver having to file a personal injury claim because you did not follow the school zone rules.

  1. Share the Road

Yes, you have to share the road not just to cyclists, but school buses as well. The best thing you can do is give a school bus some distance between your car and the bus. There are significant traffic violations regarding school buses. The flashing lights you see on the bus and the stop sign that opens and closes are both huge indicators that the bus is coming to a stop to pick up or drop off children to and from school. Passing a school bus can not only get you a ticket, but you will also face a huge fine, and you will also put lives in danger.

  1. Make Sure You Have Hand Sanitizer

Whether your children are at home or in school, it is important to have hand sanitizer nearby at all times. Germs carry in the car, house, hallway, computer, and just about everywhere else you can think of. Making sure you and your children are protecting yourself from bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, is key to staying healthy during this time of change. Hand sanitizer was not as easily accessible at the beginning of the pandemic as it is now, so you should be able to find reasonably priced bottles of hand sanitizer at your local grocery store, Target, or even a home improvement store, like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Now, we know that the school year is presenting some challenges amongst students, parents, and teachers. However, rather than stress about transportation related to school, practice safe driving so you can eliminate that stressor and prevent getting injured in an accident before or after school.

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